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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fables - Bill Willingham et al

I can’t believe I managed to take a two year break from catching up on Fables.    And yes, I still have plenty more to catch up on, because there’s been more added since I last picked them up.    

I really have to remember that they’re great filler books for when I want to hold off on starting something new for some reason (like the pending coming of Spring and the Once Upon a Time Reading Challenge.)

In these books, the Fables have to mobilize against Mister Dark, and Rose Red finally gets over her mopey self (ok, she has reasons) and steps back up to leading things again.     I was also a bit surprised to see they gave up on the Farm, though I’m assuming that’ll only be short term.

I do really like Bellflower, aka Frau Tottenkinder’s way younger self – she’s pretty kick ass.    I think I really do just enjoy the different takes on all these characters.

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