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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Vacation

I'm back from Arizona.    It's snowing right now, and I'm finding it hard to believe that just yesterday, I was looking at cactus.

I have about 500 pictures to go through, and five books read, so those will be coming out over the next several days.    In the meantime, a few non-pictorial highlights:

Short Leash Hot Dogs - We ended up here for dinner our first night in town.     I had a hot dog that involved mango chutney, and was so good!     They had a curry and hot dog dish that went out to the table next to us that smelled divine.

The Heard Museum - Any one interested in Native American art, especially from the Southwest, needs to visit this museum.   The Hopi Katsina collection alone is worth it, but there's tons more to see.      They had a exhibition about various New World foods that have now made it around the world that was really interesting.     Their museum shop was also a lot of fun to wander through.

Umami - In other food that we don't seem to have around here, we hit a ramen place our last full day in town.   (In fairness, there is a ramen place in Portland, but it's in a hard to park area, and it has mixed reviews, so we haven't been there yet.)    I love having an excuse to try new things.    (We also hit a Sonic on the day we were out and about near Globe, but even though we don't have those around here, it's not like they're fundamentally all that different than the fast food we do have, though the roller skating servers are fun.)

Watching the Super Bowl outside - I really could care less about football, but let's face it, the Super Bowl is not an outdoor event in these parts.      So being able to go to a party that was outside was definitely a novel experience.     

Other than that, we either relaxed, or there are pictures forth coming.

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