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Monday, December 23, 2013

French Women for All Seasons - Mireille Guiliano

I read French Women Don’t Get Fat ages ago (definitely pre-blog), and I don’t remember having any strong feeling about it either way.     It was basically a treatise on French attitudes toward food, and trying to apply that to our American eating habits.    So, when I found a used copy of this book, the follow up, I figured, what the heck.

I feel like I have a greater appreciation for French culture than I did when I read the first book (having researched the hell out of Paris for this year’s trip), and I’m not sure if that’s why I found this book preachier than I remember the other one being.    I can’t even put my finger on exactly why – there’s just a general tone that I didn’t particularly enjoy, which is a shame, because I do think the theory behind the book is sound.

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