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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sewing Notes

I took Friday off, because I really needed a day off, and I wanted to actually get some sewing done.    The day turned out dreary as hell, so I think I made the right choice there.    (I also downloaded a paper piecing class from Craftsy so I could take a break and still amuse myself with something crafty.)

One things I realized I could do was make some gift bags for the little knitted things I have hanging out in my stash.     The above are the Easy Drawstring Bag by way of Purl Soho.   I more or less made the small size (it calls for just shy of a quarter yard of fabric, and I had a quarter yard in both cases, so I used the full quarter yard).     I probably could make the extra small size for baby items, so I think I might try that next time.

Regardless, it was a super easy pattern, and I'm quite sure I'll use it again.

After warming up with something easy, I moved on to the AllPeopleQuilt.com lunch sack gift bag.   This was surprisingly harder to do because I needed two fabrics, and I quickly found I didn't actually have a lot that I felt coordinated properly for this kind of project.    I did find some, and this was pretty neat to make, but I'm not sure I'll make more.     It seemed like substantially more effort for something not much better than the simpler bag.    So we'll see if I make of these.

The last thing I did (which I'm still working through) is start on what's basically a muslin for view B of McCall's 6200 - a fairly simple knit dress.    I'm using a clearance fabric I snagged for dirt cheap, so if it ends up unwearable, I won't mourn it too much.

I was doing pretty well yesterday  - I got the body and sleeves done, and then I hit the neck band.    It was late at that point - post yard work, and the unergonomic-ness of my sewing station was catching up with me, so I put it aside.   I have plans of picking it up again later today, and if I can figure out how that neck band works, I should be able to finish it.

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