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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Uninvited Guest - Sarah Woodbury

Read for the RIP VIII Reading Challenge.

I needed one more book to get me through my flight home from Paris, so I decided to try another one of the Gareth and Gwen mysteries.    This time, it’s King Owain that’s getting married, and his wedding comes to a halt when one of the bridesmaids is found dead, with Lady Cristina’s (the king’s fiancee) dress shredded next to her.    Gareth and Gwen are enlisted to find out who killed Lady Enid.

As things progress, it’s clear that someone doesn’t want the king to get married, and Gareth is hurt when it’s clear that he may be close to finding out who is guilty.    To keep Gwen safe, Gareth pursues the murderer outside of the King’s castle, while Gwen follows what leads she can from inside.

This was a satisfying mystery, and I did enjoy a visit with the characters from A Good Knight.   It’s still a little too modern for the 12th century setting, but it’s a decent story, so who cares?

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