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Saturday, September 28, 2013

London, Day 1 (September 11)

For any of you that have been to Europe, you know that first day is all about jet lag.     The first time I went to England (with the BF that time), our friend K brought us on what we have affectionately come to call the forced march.    I remember little from that day, but it kept us awake until a reasonable hour.    So I replicated that for us on the first day we were there.    That was doubly important, as my sister was coming from the West Coast, and was in worse shape than Mom and I, jet lag-wise.

I can't tell you exactly where we went.    It started at Covent Gardens, went through Trafalgar Square, the length of St. James Park (which is a really nice park, I will say), to Buckingham Palace, back through St. James, through the Horse Guards, down the Strand (I think), past Downing Street, and ending at Westminster Palace, at which point we gave up and headed back to the hotel.

We were staying near King's Cross, and ended up at a decent Irish pub on Euston Road for dinner.    A Guinness for my sister and a cider for me later, and we were ready for bed.

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