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Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

The last week of July was my vacation with the BF, and since he had a family reunion, we headed over to Vermont and the adjacent area of New York.  (My personal vacation is coming up in September, and it's completely awesome - as I'll be able to post about in October.)

A lot of the vacation was family based, but we did get some relaxing in, as well as some interesting side trips.

Side trip #1 was on our way over, and was to Pomfret, Vermont.

BF has been trying to track down one of the lines of his family tree, which has dead ended in Pomfret.    So we visited the probate court in Woodstock (the nearest big town), the Pomfret library, and the Burns Cemetery.      The cemetery is one of those classic old New England cemeteries, with the really old graves (well, old by American standards) and the really interesting headstones.     What's really cool about this particular cemetery is that it's still in use.

The other fun thing we did (this one was with the family) was a dinner cruise on Lake George.

We took the Lac du Saint Sacrement, which is behind the Minnehaha in this picture.     That was a lot of fun.    It's a decent buffet dinner, and you can then stand out on the deck, where pretty much anyone that's home when the book goes by wave as you go by.

The other fun thing we did that I didn't get pictures of, was a driving tour of Northwestern Mass, and the roads around Bennington, VT.    Basically, we wended our way around side roads that BF wasn't sure he'd ever been on, or knew he hadn't been on in ages.      It was a really lovely drive - there's some stunning scenery up there.     We were also amused to be able to contrast that section of MA's Route 2 with the section closer to Boston that we usually drive on.   (Seriously - you'll find it hard to believe they're the same road.)

So it was a nice week, and a nice way to end July.

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