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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Further Adventures in Domesticity

I've had quite the preserving week.   The first thing, started during the week because I saw bags of key limes for $1.79 a pop and had to do something with them, is the above key lime pickle.    It's basically a preserved lemon, but with Indian spices.   It's percolating away, and should be ready when I get back from my trip at the end of September.

So Saturday, I moved on to storing the bounty of both my garden, and the CSA.   Yep, that's ten jars of pickled jalapeno slices, which will take the place of ten cans of green chilies.    I will say, this is probably the biggest bang for my buck of any preserving I've ever done.   Pickles are so much faster than jam, and I used green chilies in lots of random recipes.

And last, these jars of sunny goodness (still resting), started their lives as local peaches at yesterday's farmer's market.    I used the Quick Peach Jam recipe from the Ball Complete Preserving book.    It's a little more sugar (ok a lot more) than I prefer, but I did have some liquid pectin I needed to use up, and the quicker part of the recipe title did catch me.

This smelled amazing cooking.    And the little bit I had leftover to sample was also amazing.   I think I'm going to be completely selfish, and keep these little beauties for the BF and me.

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