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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson

In the final book of the Mistborn trilogy, the world is more or less coming to an end – the ashfalls have increased so much they’re choking out the sun by day, and the mists at night have turned sinister, and are making people fall ill.    But Vin and Elend have found that the Lord Ruler left refuges in some of the empire’s cities, filled with supplies, and clues about what might be causing all of the disasters.

You absolutely can’t read this book without having read everything that came before, because there are so many clues that lead up to this book.   I pretty much can’t describe anything without giving something away.    All I will say is that I completely didn’t see the end of this series coming, and it was great.    I’m really loving Sanderson’s work – he’s got great, original ideas, and man, can he tell a story.

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