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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Broken Kingdoms - N. K. Jemisin

Read for the Once Upon a Time VII Reading Challenge.

The thing that marks my favorite fantasy worlds is an interesting take on their mythology, or founding magical systems.    The Inheritance Trilogy (this being the second book) has that in spades.    In the first book (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms), we’re introduced to a world where things aren’t quite right.  Long ago, the god Itempas killed his sister Eneja and imprisioned his brother Nahadoth.     That was all resolved rather spectacularly, with certain consequences including the return of the gods’ children to the world.   Which leads to The Broken Kingdoms.

Oree is blind, physically at least.      But she sees magic, which means she can see the godlings when they walk among men.     Enough to have attracted their attention, and even become friendly with some.    One day, she runs across a man in a trash heap.     Except that with her unusual sight, she can tell that this is no ordinary man.     In the morning, and when she is great danger, power rises within him.    But he’s clearly a very damaged soul.      What she eventually learns is that this is the god Itempas, forced into mortal form, to atone for his sins.    And because he is who he is, Oree finds herself in the middle of a battle to shape the future of the world.

There’s actually a lot more going on than that, but I can’t really say anything without spoiling half the story.   What I will say is to read these books!    I may actually pay to get the third one, so I can find out what happens next.

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