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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sewing Notes

So, having given up on the shirt I was working on, I needed a bit of a sewing win.      I'd bought some simple gray suiting fabric to make a skirt from a book that gives instructions for patternless skirts, but realized after buying it I'm pretty much a pattern girl.   Fortunately, I've been sitting on McCall's 3830, which is basically a pencil skirt in five lengths.   I chose the knee length, because I ain't wearing no mini skirt to work, yo.

I had a lot of fun with this yesterday.    There were darts (which I have done once before), and a facing (again, only second time for that), but the first piece of total excitement was the zipper!    I bought an invisible zipper, so originally tried with my invisible zipper foot, which ended with a broken needle.   So I decided to back track to the regular zipper foot, and isn't it nice?   

The only reason I didn't finish this yesterday was the hem, which was excitement number two.    I tried out the blind hem stitch, but basted based on the pattern instructions, which was not pretty.    So I put it aside, and did a little research last night.    After reading a reference book that basically said your machine will have its own way of doing this, so I'll show you what it looks like, but refer to your manual, I realized I really needed to ignore the pattern suggestions.   So I picked out that basting, and basted again this morning, based on the machine instructions.    And it was much better.   Sadly, I do have to do it again (which will not be happening today), as it's really touchy stitch, and you have to have it lined up just right, or the blind stitches won't catch, but at least I'm on the right track now.

I also finished the binding and the dowel holder for the Sunset Quilt, so that's now ready to give to my father.

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