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Monday, May 27, 2013

Dealing with Dragons - Patricia C. Wrede

Read for the Once Upon a Time VII Reading Challenge.

One of my favorite stories in the Book of Enchantments (which I recently read) was set in the world of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, which I had not actually read yet, though I’ve been sitting on the first two.    After reading a story featuring the Frying Pan of Doom, I knew I had to give the actual books a try.

Princess Cimorene is not a particularly good Princess.     She hates etiquette, and would much rather learn from the court armsmaster or magician.   In a last ditch effort to try to make sure she’s fulfilling her princessly duties, her parents engage her to the prince of a neighboring land.    Not knowing what else to do, Cimorene runs away.    She runs into an enchanted frog who recommends she volunteer to become a dragon’s princess.   The Dragon Kazul is in need of a princess, and it turns out that what she needs most is someone to organize her library and make desserts for the occasional dinner party.   Cimorene’s in heaven.

Unfortunately, being a dragon’s princess means that a whole lot of princes now want to rescue Cimorene.   So between that, and some wondering wizards, there’s plenty for Cimorene to do.

Loved this book.    It’s just completely delightful.   The characters are charming (even some that should be irritating), and Cimorene and Kazul’s adventures are just plain fun.    Guess I’m going to have to seek out the rest of the books to make sure I complete my collection.


Rachel Bradford said...

Yeah, if you liked this book you should really read the rest of them. They're all really good. :)

DesLily said...

I read this some time ago and liked it a lot.. I have read other books by Patricia Wrede and enjoy her writing!

Megan said...

I've been tracking down her books lately - loved everything I've read so far.

Cheryl @ Tales of the Marvelous said...

Aren't these the most wonderful books? :) The third is my favorite!

Allie said...

I read this series when I was a kid, and I still smile when I think of them. I actually started with Talking to Dragons, and then jumped back to the beginning. I kind of wish I'd read them in order, like you are.