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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Garden Notes

When I think back to this time last year, I already had peas in the ground.   It's been a little colder this year  (you can see last remnants of a snow bank  in the middle picture above), but it's finally starting to turn around, so I did some yard maintenance today.    

Last week (in the midst of a nasty cold), I did manage to get all of my pots out of the garage, but I just had them all out near the back garden.     The actual back yard was full of sticks and some roof material from some of the fun weather we had over the winter, and all the garden beds were at least partially covered in leaves.

For the back yard, I got the pots moved over near the stairs (this is all of the pots, so some will eventually go to the side garden), and I got the yard de-sticked and de-trashed.    I also took about two bags of leaves and other plant material out of the back bed.     I'm happy to report the lungwort is sprouting (as well as the muscari, the primrose, and the hosta).

In the side garden, I got another two bags of leaves and other detritus, which included a good chunk of the ivy from the back end of the garden.    I'm sure that'll be back soon enough, but it looks better there as well.    

The iris are sprouting, as well as the crocus, chives, daffodils and tulips.

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