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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Craft Notes

The DIY jewelry holders worked out great.    Turns out I have less pins, and less earrings than I made space for, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.     The pin holder will be living elsewhere (just haven't decided where yet), but the earring holder is in situ, since if I'm going to use it, it would be silly to have it attached to the wall.

I think the earring holder will work well for me because I don't change my earrings that often.    If I was going to be switching things out everyday, I think the aida cloth would get unwieldy, and would probably not stay attached to the frame without more shoring up.   But, I have seen versions of this using screening, so that would definitely work for higher usage.

For the pin holder, the one disadvantage is that I can't put the backs on stick pins.   But, some of the fabric bands are tighter than others, so I was able to stick those in there, and they will stay.    However, that's definitely a flaw in this design.    Still, I think it'll work for me, since this is for the pins I want to display, not wear.

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