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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cordelia's Honor - Lois McMaster Bujold

I can knock another one off my I really need to track this down and read it list.    I’ve had this on my radar because my friend B loves these books.

This omnibus is the story of how Cordelia Naismaith meets Aral Vorkosigan, who starts out as her enemy, and later marries him.    I love Cordelia.    These are my kind of scifi books, plenty of science and space, but great relationships too, not just with Cordelia and Aral, but with their friends on Barrayar.

There’s plenty of intrigue (Barrayar being a somewhat backward planet that’s only recently starting talking to the other human colonies again), and Cordelia is uniquely both suited and unsuited for her new life in the ruling class of Barrayar.    Her actions in the second book are great – completely unbecoming of a Vor-class lady, which makes them completely awesome.

So now, I need to track down the books about their son Miles (whose birth in the last part of Barrayar was anything but normal).    I can totally see why B loves these books.

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