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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Diet Dropout's Guide to Natural Weight Loss- Stan Spencer

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this book – with the words "diet dropout" in the title, I wasn’t sure how much it would talk about food, and if not, what else it could possible talk about.

It did turn out to not talk a lot about food – other than some pretty commonsense advice about would be the best things to eat, and how to work towards including more of them in your diet.    But there’s also a lot of talk about changing habits, and it’s not just habits about food, but habits that cause you stress, or put you in other situations where you might end up eating more than you should.

The last chapter sums up everything, listing 56 things you can do to help you lose weight, and giving you an action plan of implementing some of them.    There’s actually a lot of good advice here, much of which I don’t think I’ve personally seen wrapped up together.   It was definitely a thought-provoking read, and I could see it being very helpful to someone that’s been stuck in a dieting rut, and realized they need to get out of it.

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