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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tempest's Legacy - Nicole Peeler

I once tried to describe this series as the Northeast equivalent of the Sookie Stackhouse books – there’s lots of supernatural people right under the nose of the heroine that she had no idea were there until she somewhat accidentally stumbles upon their world, but Jane swears like a sailor, which Sookie would never do.    But that’s the difference between a nicely bred young lady from the South, and a nicely bred young woman from up here.

Also, now that we’re into the series, it’s starting to get darker, somewhat like Sookie’s books (actually, more like the show), but I’d say it’s going darker than Charlaine Harris would ever go.    There’s some seriously dark stuff surrounding hidden labs using half-supernatural people to try and solve the full-supernatural fertility crisis, and Jane’s unfortunately right in the middle of it.   I’ll say, the main story line of this book was the least pleasant of the three to read.

Still, I like Jane – I like how she’s dealing with the seriously weird world she’s been thrust into, and I like the transition of her relationships a little more than I did Sookie’s.    I’ll definitely be keeping up with this series – I do need to know how the rather grim main plot is finally resolved.

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