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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sewing Notes

I recently purchased the Sewing with Knits class from Craftsy.     If you sign up for the site and don't buy anything for a while, they'll send you a class for $19.99 offer (and they have sales occasionally as well), and 20 bucks for a class with five patterns included seemed like a pretty good deal.

I've watched up through the first pattern, which is a fleece hoodie, and I finally managed to get the pieces cut out yesterday.   (The patterns are PDFs you have to print out and tape together - I had a hard time getting those formatted.)     I did do some prep work, and got my walking foot installed on my my machine, and have futzed around until I could a zig zag stitch width I liked.    So, assuming I can find some free time with the holidays bearing down on us, I'm ready to put the thing together.

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