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Thursday, December 27, 2012

At her Majesty's Request - Walter Dean Myers

The subtitle of this book is An African Princess in Victorian England.    It’s the story of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, who was rescued by an English naval officer when she was about to be sacrificed by the Dahomian king.    She was a princess from a neighboring tribe, who had been captured in a war.    The Dahomian king gave her as a gift to Queen Victoria.  

This book draws on Sarah’s letters, and well as notes from Queen Victoria and members of her staff, as well as the Queen’s diary.    She had taken a genuine interest in the girl, who as a result was able to have a very good education.     She ended up going back to Africa, as a teacher for young girls there.

This book is pitched to young adults, but it’s a good source of primary materials, and sticks well to the facts – it’s a decent historical review, and presents an interesting slice of history from that era – one you would not expect to run across.

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