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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Times Square

Holy seething mass of humanity, Batman!   Now, I really do live in a city.   It's the largest city in my state, even.    Walking through Times Square made me feel like I'm from some village in the absolute middle of no where.    I swear there were more people packed into that square than live in all of Greater Portland.

The only reason I went to Times Square is that I was seeing the Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic, so I was just a block away.   At that point, you kind of have to go.    I do have to say - the Times Square subway stop is way too big for its own good.    I felt like I walked for a mile just trying to get out on a side that was relatively close to my final destination.

Phantom was great.    I'd tried to go to some more recent shows, but every time I saw something interesting, I'd look it up, and it was closing some time earlier in September, before I would be there.   After about round four of that, I gave up, and decided to channel my inner high school student, and see Phantom.  

When I was in ninth and tenth grade, a group of us were obsessed with it - it was when the original cast recording came out, and we all had it memorized.   I haven't listened to it in years, and yet, I could have sung along to the whole thing.    About half way through the show, I realized I was channeling my inner self from a good twenty years ago.    I could have been depressed about that, but I'd already gotten the chills when the chandelier went flying off the stage at the beginning of the show, so I just went with it all, and had a ton of fun.

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