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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smoke and Shadows - Tanya Huff

Read for the RIP VII Reading Challenge.

At the end of the Blood Ties books, for massively spoilery reasons, the vampire Henry Fitzroy had to relocate from Toronto to Vancouver.    Needing someone he trusted to be his help during the day, he brought with him Tony Foster, the street kid that had helped Vickie and Henry in the past.

Tony uses the opportunity to get his act together, go to school, and land a job as a production assistant on a tv show about a vampire detective and his human sidekick.    It’s a bare-bones production, so he’s getting a lot of experience in the industry, and it’s pretty much a good job.   Until the day the shadows start acting up.

Before long, an actress dies of fright in her dressing room, actors and crew members are starting to act really weird, and Tony discovers that the eccentric special effects wizard who is always deep in the basement, is in fact a bona fide wizard, and she’s brought some serious shadowy baggage with her to Vancouver.

Tony’s life on the street makes him the best person at the show to analyze what’s going on, and with Henry, and the reluctant wizard Arra’s help, he may just be able to stop a shadowy invasion from another world.

I’ll admit, this was not a story I expected as a continuation from the Blood Ties books, but that’s probably a good thing.    As much as I miss Vicki, Tony comes into his own in this story, and it is a pretty satisfying tale.    I’ll be really interested to see where the wizardry goes from here.

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