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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Knitting Notes

Pattern: Argyle Purl Scarf by Jenna Nunziato
Yarn: Classic Elite Renaissance
Needles: Size 9 circs

This year's Red Scarf Project scarf is done!     I really enjoyed this pattern - it's not too hard, but the pattern repeat is long enough to hold my interest.    I did three pattern repeats more than the pattern called for to get it to a length I liked, but that was the only thing I changed.    It's a great, straightforward pattern.

And, I'm almost through this Classic Elite yarn I overbought for a failed sweater project.    Ravelry calculates I have about four balls left, but it's officially two balls, and a bunch of ends.    I may have about a ball's worth that died in ripping out that sweater, and in various ends that have been cut off in subsequent projects.   So, I'm not actually sure if I'll be able to get a whole scarf again (this one was three balls and a little extra) - I may have to come up with a different project to use the rest of it.

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