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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rhialto the Marvellous - Jack Vance

This is the final book of the Dying Earth books, and is as beautifully written as the ones before it.

Rhialto is a magician, and though he and his fellow magicians are not as great as those that came before them, they still manage some pretty impressive feats.

The story is split into three distinct episodes – one where Rhialto saves the other members of the magician’s association from the curse of a Witch from long ago, another where he must travel through time to clear his name, and the final story where the association goes to rescue a member who had set out long ago to find the source the stones that give them all their power.

These stories are utterly fantastical – very hard to describe – you really need to read and go along for the ride, and they are a ride.    Rhialto is a definite contrast to Cudgel, the main character of the last book, and it’s a good contrast to make.     Seek these books out- they’re classics for good reason.

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