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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Battle of Evernight - Cecilia Dart-Thornton

In the last book in the series, our heroine had finally found her true identity – Ashalind na Pendran, who had run free from the lands of the Faeran when the gates that connected that fair land and the land of mortals were closed and bound by the orders of the Raven Prince, younger brother to the King of Faerie.   Unfortunately, both the King and his brother were caught on the mortal side of the gate, and have been trapped there for a thousand years.    Ashalind is their only hope to find the way back into the Faeran realm, but that part of her memory is still clouded.

Unfortunately, she’s also been separated from her true love, Thorn, due to a rather unfortunate volcanic eruption that’s destroyed the sanctuary he had sent her too.    Having gained the knowledge of her true nature, she decides to also gain the knowledge of the gate that only she can find, that will reopen the link to the Faeren realm.

The language is still gorgeous, and the lands that Ashalind and her two friends Viviana and Caitri, wander through are wonderfully drawn.     The final battle between the Raven Prince and his brother is also impressive.

I will admit, the ending fell apart for me a bit.   It’s one of those that goes on for way too long, and then ends too abruptly.    I was apparently not the only one that felt that way, as the author added a note of clarification after the hard cover edition was published.    Still, the series was really amazing, and I’m happy to have stumbled across it.

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