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Friday, June 29, 2012

Wolf Wing - Tanith Lee

Yes, I am a sucker for being complete.   Despite the fact that the main character kind of irritates me, I tracked down the last book in the Claidi Journals, Wolf Wing.

Claidi and Argul can finally get married, but just as they do this, they receive an unexpected summons from Argul’s grandmother, Ironel.    It turns out that Argul’s mother, Ustareth, who everyone thought was dead, is alive, and is sending for her sons, Argul and Venn.  

Together with some other friends, they journey to the new continent where Ustareth has set up shop.    It’s an amazing place, with trees that produce food when you need it, and it's lovely beyond belief.

Soon, everyone is separated, and Claidi must complete the journey alone.    She’s the first to find her way to Ustareth, who has some surprising revelations about Claidi’s past.

This book felt like a bit of an after  thought, the denouement of the larger story of the series, where everything is neatly wrapped up, and everyone lives happily ever after.   In other words, Claidi still kind of irritates me, but I’m happy to have gotten to the end of her tale.

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