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Friday, June 29, 2012

Garden Notes

I officially give up on growing cilantro.    It always bolts within about a week of me getting it to a size I can actually think about using.    And yes, it's kind of pretty, and the bees like it, but I'm not getting any use out of this plant.    So I guess it's supermarket cilantro for me.    At least the bunches this time of year are big enough to blanket an entire week's worth of meals.

In other news, the clematis is finally blooming.   I was beginning to wonder, since it stuck to one sit of the trellis, has lumped up a bit at the top, and then just sat there for a while.    I think next year, I need to be a bit more aggressive about getting at least some of it to loop around the front.   At least I've managed to keep it off the ground, and out of the cable wire.

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