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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Garden Notes

I actually did a bit of harvesting today - two huge radishes, and salad greens.   The greens weren't filling either pot, and I could use them for other things, so they came out today.

Part of yesterday's epic drive was stopping at a couple of garden centers that are further out of town then I'd normally go to on a whim.    I found myself a Raspberry Splash pulmonaria (which I saw at Coastal Maine Botanical garden, and loved), and it's now in the woodland garden.   I had to move a couple of lamium out of the way to make room for that.

We also stopped by the farmer's market and bought some herb seedlings.    To the left are green and purple shiso, and the planter on the far right has borage (something else to be determined will also be going in there).    I also planted some mother of thyme and oregano that we picked up yesterday.

I've tied the peas to the trellis - every time I tried to get them to stick naturally, a rain storm intervened and flattened them.    Hopefully, this will stick.

My mother gave me some bare root strawberries, which are already doing quite nicely in a strawberry pot.   I'm not going to expect anything out of these this year, but next year should be interesting.

And finally, I've dragged out the rest of the large pots so they can settle in before vegetable planting this week.   My Burpee order is currently on the way, and I took Friday off so I can go to the garden center during the day, and hopefully avoid the worst of the hordes.    I'm really looking forward to it.

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