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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garden Notes

It's been raining.   A lot.   Which is good on many levels, because I'd rather have it rain on my garden than me have to water it, but it also means I haven't been doing much outside, other than watch to see if things finally are starting to grow.

The woodland portion of my garden in the backyard is blooming nicely - I love the Solomon's Seal and lily of the valley.    The perennial pots in the back yard are also looking good.

I was very pleased to see the tiny iris I thought had all died off last year have returned, at least a little bit.    I'll be carefully watching this little patch when I do some reorganization of this bed next year.

Other than that, I've been keeping an eye on the vegetables I planted way back in March.

The peas grew about six inches in last week's rain, after more or less sitting there are three inches tall for about a month.

About half the Swiss chard didn't survive, so I'll be supplementing that with some more from the garden center.    I've also been heavily poaching from the arugula for sandwiches, so I'll probably try planting some more this week, so I can hopefully get another crop in before it becomes super warm.

Only half of the spring mix came in - it's pretty much ready for harvest, but is really only enough for one.    I also did a second round of radishes, as the first round only had three sprout.   The second batch is already looking good.

I had to replant the cilantro - one came up.    The head lettuce is looking good - I'll have to prick out a couple when I harvest the spring mix, so that the remainders will have room to grow.

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