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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fairest - Gail Carson Levine

Read for the Once Upon a Time Challenge.

Aza has the most beautiful voice in the kingdom of Ayortha, which is a good thing, because the one thing Ayorthians prize more than beauty is singing ability, and Aza isn’t winning any contests in the beauty department.    She’s even figured out a way to throw her voice, an ability that gets her noticed by the new queen, who makes Aza her lady in waiting.    When the queen asks Aza a very dangerous favor, her life gets very interesting.

This book is set in a neighboring kingdom to the one featured in Carson’s Ella Enchanted, and also features the mildly crazy fairy Lucinda.    To be honest, I liked Ella Enchanted better.   It’s not that this book is bad, but it does seem to be missing a certain something – though nothing I can put a finger on.    I’m a bit sorry that the first Carson book I read was Ella Enchanted, because the two I’ve read since haven’t been as good, and I’m a little leery of trying more.

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Cheryl @ Tales of the Marvelous said...

I love the clever concept of this one...although Ella Enchanted is my favorite Levine book! If you decide to try more Levine, I'd recommend The Princess Fairy Tales series. They're really more like short stories, very short and simple, but a lot of fun and good fairy tale retellings.