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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Knitting Notes

First item of knitting note: my co-worker C went to Ireland for a week, and brought back gifts for several us that covered for her while she was out, and she brought me yarn! It's the best purple ever. Right now, I'm just having fun looking at it.

Second item of knitting note: remember how I ran out of yarn on Galadriel's Mirror, and had to order more? I have one row and the cast off left, and I've run out of yarn again. Yes, I'm going to have to order more yarn, for two rows. Granted, it's the widest part of the shawl, and the cast off is a crochet castoff that looks like it's going to eat a relative ton of yarn, but still. I'm so disappointed. I have never this far under estimated the yarn I'd need for project. Thank goodness I didn't try making it from something hand dyed...

Which leads to the third item of knitting note: since I'm stymied for the moment with the shawl, I've cast back on the Ruched Yoke Tee, this time, using the correct needle size. Here's hoping this turns out a bit snugger this time.

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