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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garden Notes

The daffodils are out - looking lovely. Everything's way ahead of schedule. There are forsythia blooming in sunnier spots of the neighborhood. This is particularly freaky for me, as the year I was born (in late April), the forsythia were blooming, which was early for around here, so my mother waxes nostalgic on the rare years they manage to bloom for my birthday. We're a month ahead of that, this year.

I've got hyacinth just short of blooming:

The Russian sage is sprouting back up:

and the phlox are coming in again.

So, I broke down this weekend. Part of this was out of necessity. Some of the plants in pots overwintering in the garage were already starting to sprout (the bleeding heart, the thymes), so I pulled everything out the garage on Thursday.

The herbs are currently in the back yard bed. It's still sunny there for the moment, since the trees haven't come in yet, but it's more sheltered than the side garden, so I'll leave them there for another week or two.

The other perennials are in their normal backyard spot (next to the neighbor's daughter's sled, which I can't bring myself to put in the garage, because I feel like that'll make it snow the next day if I do).

And, I did some planting yesterday. Below, from left to right are: arugula, nasturtiums, salad mix, and radishes.

Here are cilantro and lettuce.

And, I got in my grand experiment with sugar snap peas:

I have more seed for everything, and plan on putting in more lettuce, nasturtiums, and maybe cilantro as close to April 1st as I can manage. My mother also started some Brights Lights chard for me, so that'll probably be going in shortly.

It was definitely nice getting things in the ground (or, pots). And though my back is now twinging in places I didn't know it could twinge, it was a very satisfying weekend.

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