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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Frederica - Georgette Heyer

Frederica Merriville has charge of her younger sister and brothers after her parents have died, and so she decides to bring them all to London for a season. Her main aim is to see her sister Charis advantageously married, because Charis is a sweet, beautiful girl, who Frederica thinks is wasted on the country.

The Marquis of Alverstoke has never had much use for his family – they bore him completely, and two of his sisters are always looking for ways to use his money instead of their own. So when Frederica, a distant cousin, applies to him for help in launching Charis’ season, he uncharacteristically agrees. Almost everyone in town believes it’s because of Charis, but in fact, it’s the lively and independent Frederica, and her two younger brothers, Felix and Jessamy (who quickly learn that Alverstoke is the key to all sorts of adventures), that have piqued his interest.

Each of the Merrivilles manages to get into some sort of scrape that Alverstoke sorts out, and by the end of the book, the entire family has him firmly wrapped around their collective finger. It’s a charming story – definitely my favorite Heyer so far – I was actually laughing out loud several times. In fact, I like it so much, this is the first one I’m actually going to keep.

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