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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Freakishly Warm Winter Garden

We've had a snow drought this winter. Even when it does snow, it's maybe an inch, and it seems to be gone in a day or two. The plants up here expect that snow cover, so when it's not around, things get a little weird.

Now, end of February, little snow, I don't get too worried when I see the crocus popping up.

But, when you also have the chives...

garlic chives...

and daffodils joining in the fun, well, this ain't normal, folks. Heck, they were sugaring in Vermont when we were there last weekend.

I can't really argue with the whole thing - I actually don't particularly like winter, even though I've freely chosen to live in New England - but I can't help but think this just isn't normal, and it does give a vague disquieted feeling. Hopefully, n0thing gets damaged by the early warm.

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