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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Tote of Shame

Now, I've decided to mostly opt of out reading challenges this year, but I still do have a project in mind. The above is what I've labelled as the Tote of Shame in my LibraryThing catalog, because it used to be a tote, but I outgrew that early last year. This is a pretty deep case - there's another layer of books behind what you can see (in my defense, a couple of the books on top are ones I have finished but not been able to file away because my main bookcase is currently hiding behind the Christmas tree - that goes away today).

I really need to work on whittling this down. I have two initial plans of attack. There are two books in there that I borrowed - I'm going to try to read those as soon as possible, so I can get them back to their owners (a third book on the top falls into that category - I've read it, but the owners live in AZ, so I haven't had an excuse to return it yet, and they didn't urgently need it back, so I haven't felt the need to mail it). The other thing I'd like to concentrate on are series books where I've read the first (maybe even second) book of the series, have more waiting to read, but haven't been able to get to them in the face of the overwhelming pile (and opposite challenge needs). I figure if I can get those out of the way, I'll be better positioned to get to the other books in the stack. I'm also going to try and read series books all at once if I actually have my hands on them. (I'll reserve some judgement there - for example, I've been enjoying spacing out the Naomi Novik Temeraire books - it feels like more of a treat when I'm not reading them all at once.)

So that's the reading plan of attack for this year. Let's see how the 'tote' looks comes next December.

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