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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Shadow in the North - Philip Pullman

In this second book of the Sally Lockhart mysteries, Sally is now settled into life in London. While she works with the photography studio that she founded with Fred and his uncle, she’s also struck out on her own, and does financial advising, mostly for other women.

When one of those women comes to her after losing her entire life’s savings due to Sally’s advice, Sally sets out to investigate the shipping company in question, and its charismatic chairman, Axel Bellman. Bellman has come to London, and his current business is darker than Sally could ever imagine, with possible dire consequences to her, and those she loves.

I have to admit, I was genuinely scared at a couple places in this book. It’s young adult, but Pullman is not afraid to stray outside of some of the conventions of that genre. There’s a rather huge twist at the end that was both appalling and brilliant.

I had planned to read the next book in the trilogy right after finishing this one, but I need a little break. It really was that scary.

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