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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sewing Notes

Here's the second part of L's gift - overalls from the same Burda pattern as the dress I made. They're done in a dark lavender thin wale corduroy (which is terribly lit in the picture now that I can't often take pictures during daylight hours).

It was definitely interesting putting this together - I've never done pants before. My only slight issue was the seams - I followed the seam allowance in the pattern, which didn't leave much room for finishing, so things were getting a little thready on the legs. I would have pinked the edges, but I didn't have enough room. So I'll have to take that into account the next time.

The other thing I was a little mystified by was the elastic casing in this pattern, both the dress and the overalls. They were pretty vague about setting in the elastic, so I never figured it out in a way that made it looks like the pattern pictures. I did add the underarm elastic to both, but the overalls had elastic in the pant bottoms, which I ended up leaving out because I just didn't see the point.

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