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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sewing Notes

Part 1 of my niece's Christmas present is done: this is the bibbed dress pattern from Burda 9772, which I did in a cute patterned flannel, in the smallest size (six months).

This was a lot of fun to make - it's got facing pieces, which I'd never done before, and I finally got interfacing to work properly. Granted, the interfacing was the source of my one significant issue - the button hole. What really annoys me is that the first one worked, using the button hole foot on the machine. But, apparently two layers of flannel and interfacing proved too much for a second round, and I was forced to improvise the second one using to zigzag stitch. At least I got to play around with the zigzag stitch...

I still have the overalls from the same pattern to make. I'm doing those in corduroy, so my plan is to cut them tonight, because I figure cutting with the corduroy grain is going to take enough concentration for one work night. I'll then move on to Christmas cards, and tackle the sewing another evening. I do want to get them done by this weekend so I can ship them out by Saturday at the latest. (I'm planning on shipping my sister's present at the same time. At least that one's ready to go...)

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