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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Knitting Notes

My Live Oak Shawlette is done. It's a super easy, fast pattern, with enough interest and change to keep it from being boring (yes, even in the stockinette sections). I do still need to block it, so a final post is forth coming.

I used up the MadelineTosh yarn by making more hexipuffs. Knocked those out in two evenings. I love getting rid of left over s0ck yarn so quickly!

It turns out my Christmas knitting isn't done. I was talking to the BF about his terminally impossible to shop for mother, and he mentioned that her hands are always cold. A little light bulb went off in both our heads at the same moment, and we said "Fingerless gloves!" at the same time. That'll also work for his brother's girl friend, who we will be meeting for the first time. We wanted to get her something, but had no idea what to get. Pretty much anyone can use fingerless gloves this time of year. The BF is a genius.

We're not seeing them until New Year's, so I have plenty of time to knock out two pairs of mitts.

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