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Monday, October 17, 2011

Operation Napalm

I love my landlord. He was around doing the yard work that generates crap that we can't haul anywhere since we're not actually homeowners (tm), and I asked if it would be ok if we tackled trying to get rid of the rose bush from hell (which I have dubbed Operation Napalm). Not only did he say that was a wonderful idea, but he actually clipped out all the limbs, so he could load them in the truck and get rid of them.

The above is the results after he'd gotten through with it. I went out after work and managed to fill a five gallon bucket with the limb clippings he hadn't gotten down to the ground, and fair amount of root that would pull out easily. This project is by no means over (we'll be applying black plastic and cinder blocks next), but I'm already excited by how much room it freed up in that bed.

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