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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Dark Horn Blowing - Dahlov Ipcar

When Nora hears the dark horn blowing, she leaves her husband and newborn son. A small boat brings her across the sea, where the dying Queen of Erland has Nora nurse her newborn son.

At first, Nora doesn’t remember where she came from, but eventually, her memories of her husband and son return. As much as she wants to return to them, she also feels compelled to stay with the small Prince, who is hated by his lecherous father. When the queen finally dies, the king decides to make Nora his next wife, and both Nora and the Prince must decide what they will do next.

This is a lovely mash up of several ancient tales. Erland is wispy and atmospheric, and I love that Nora’s two sons – her natural son, Owen, and Eelie, the prince, do meet. I’d initially picked this book hoping for a darker atmosphere, to fit the RIP challenge, but it’s definitely not that dark – it’s more Once Upon a Time challenge territory.

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