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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Krista's - Cornish, ME

BF called me at work yesterday and mentioned that dinner was taken care of. I got home, and we hopped in the car. We headed toward Gorham, at which point I became very confused, as we don't jointly know anyone that lives out in that direction. It took me a few more miles before I realized that we were headed to Krista's.

Krista's is our favorite restaurant that we never get to. It's about an hour from Portland, and it's always busy. In what I can only consider divine inspiration, BF remembered that we'd been wanting to go there for ages, so he made reservations for 6:00 yesterday evening.

I had the most delicious seared scallops with a lobster risotto cake, and braised beets. The scallops were utterly perfect - so wonderfully creamy. And the risotto was divine, and I say this as someone that counts both lobster and rice on her meh list.

BF has their ravioli special for the night, which was spinach ravioli with shrimp and chicken sausage in a red sauce with feta on top. I should first mention that BF almost never orders pasta at a restaurant, because he hates to get anything he can make himself. Krista's is the noted exception this rule. Also, he doesn't normally like feta (because it can so quickly be overpowering in a dish), but he raved about this feta.

We debated dessert, but were so satisfied with dinner, we just couldn't imagine taking another bite. All in all, it was the perfect way to start the long weekend, even if it was an eighty mile trip to do it.

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