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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sewing Notes

I spent the morning on Sunday (aka Hurricane Irene day) finishing up my Emmeline Apron. It's from quilting cotton I bought at Joann Fabric. (It's reversible, which is why there are two pictures.) It's a nice, easy pattern - extremely easy to understand, and probably doable in a day if you're not like me and don't have fifty billion things to do on any given weekend.

I had a blast finishing this off, because I used my new sewing machine. I bought a Brother 6000i, which is theoretically a lateral move from my old Singer, but it's actually an upgrade. It's so smooth! And other than the fact that the foot lever is in the entirely wrong place, and is still slightly throwing me off every time I use it, it's smooth going.

I did read that it doesn't appreciate cheap thread, and I had some issues when my bobbin got below half wound. I'm hoping that was a thread quality thing, and I can compensate with better thread next time. Other than that, I love the machine already.

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