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Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Spoils from Borders

Borders is up to 50%, and drew BF and me with its siren song last night. I decided to restrict myself to cookbooks, craft books, and fantasy/scifi that I've actually wanted to read, in that order.

I lucked out with two cookbooks I've had one my want list for a while (saw one other that I couldn't quite justify buying because it was more of a nice to read but I'll probably never cook from it book). Sadly, the craft section was well picked over. But, I managed four books out of the fantasy section - one I read and loved, but had borrowed, two more in a series I'd already started, and one by an author I like.

BF managed three graphic novels to fill in holes in his collection, and a cookbook he was interested in, so it was a fruitful trip.

We also heard this week that Books a Million has bought out the lease here, so we will be getting a new bookstore (I imagine they'll be in by Christmas. They'd be idiots not to.) I've never been in one of their stores before, so I'll be interested to see how different it'll be.

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