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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Hidden Worlds - Kristin Landon

Read for the 2011 TBR Lite Reading Challenge.

Hundreds of years ago, a race of nanorobots called the Cold Minds took over the Earth, and humanity was only saved by a group of Pilots that were able to bring the remnants of the population to the Hidden Worlds, where the Cold Minds could not find them. These pilots now control all travel and communication between these worlds.

Linnea has grown up on the one of the poorest and harshest of these worlds. After a tragedy kills most of the men of her village, in a desperate attempt to save her family, she does the unthinkable, and takes a job as a servant in the Pilot’s word, Nexus.

Iain sen Paolo is the Pilot she in contracted to serve, and he is the center of a political battle over the direction that the Pilots will take for the future of the Hidden Worlds. The Cold Minds have found them, and Iain and Linnea may control the destiny of all of humanity.

This is a really interesting book. Linnea is a great character – much stronger than the typical backwoods girl come to the big city, or planet in this case, often is. I fortunately already have the sequel to this book in my possession, which is helpful, because this first book serves as build up to whatever will happen with the Cold Minds. I’m definitely interested to see how this villain plays out, and how the Hidden Worlds will fight back against it.

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