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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garden Notes

I'm pretty happy with what the garden looks like at the moment. The back garden especially looks so well composed with what I have back there this year.

I have no idea how it's going to look come Monday. Hurricane Irene may not be very kind.

All of the pots will be going into the garage tonight. I'm not so worried about the wind (I would move them to a sheltered spot in the backyard if that was the only thing), but if we do get several inches of rain in a short space of time, I'm afraid all the smaller pots will flood out. I've amassed a fair collection of perennials, and I'd be pretty annoyed to lose them.

The four biggest pots (the veggies in the side garden, and the coleus pot in the back) are going to have to stay out - they're just too big to move. They're big enough I'm hoping they won't get completely overwhelmed by rain.

My biggest concern here is the tomatoes. They've grown out of one side of the pot, which was naturally the side next to the rose bush from hell. I had to clip out a ton of roses to get that unentangled this morning, and I've piled all the outgrowth back into the tomato cage. I've probably broken a few branches doing that, but if I'd left it that side heavy, more would have probably gone when it inevitably tipped over. I've also turned the pot so the weight is leaning into the house. It's relatively sheltered in our driveway, so we'll just have to see how this goes. I may or may not have any veggies left, come Monday.

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