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Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Letters from Pemberley - Jane Dawkins

I managed to score Letters from Pemberley and More Letters from Pemberley from the same Bookmooch member, so I figured I might as well read them together, especially since they’re both pretty quick reads. (Ideal for the worst heat wave in my lifetime, let me tell you.)

I was able to give the first a solidly just above meh rating. This one didn’t fair so well. There are two Events that happen, that while historically accurate, just don’t fit into the Pride and Prejudice world. Lizzie and Darcy are meant to live happily ever after. I’m not pleased with what this story did to try and alter that.

That being said, this book opens up the letters so that they’re not just from Lizzie to Jane – the correspondence is much wider, and some of the letters are quite funny. I just wish she hadn’t thrown those Events into the mix.

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