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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daughter of the Blood - Anne Bishop

Centuries ago, a Black Widow witch saw in her web that something new was coming – a Witch more powerful than even the High Lord of Hell, who would rule the Blood with her incredible power.

This is the first book of a series I’d accidentally stumbled into the middle of for my first read, and surprisingly, I’m not getting filled too much in on the back story of the world. In it, the Blood are different than regular people by their ability to focus power through jewels. There’s a specific order, ascending into darkness, with the most powerful Jewel being Black.

There are also three different Realms – Terrielle, Kaeleer (the Shadow realm), and Hell, the realm of the dead. Saetan is the High Lord of Hell, and is surprised in his office on day by the appearance of a young girl, who has somehow managed to find her way from Terrielle into Hell without a gate. Saetan wears a Black jewel, but was not born to it, and in Jaenelle, he recognizes the incredible rare power of someone born to the Black.

Jaenelle has come to ask for training, with Saetan gladly agrees to, though she will not answer why she has not received training at home. Saetan must unravel this mystery himself – for there are dark things afoot in Terrielle, where a rogue priestess named Dorothea SaDiablo has taken control of much of Terrielle, stamping out any rivals to her power along her way. Jaenelle may be in terrible danger.

The back story is very slowly unfolding in this initial trilogy, and I’m really enjoying it. I don’t feel like I’ve read too far ahead and ruined too much, even though I know at least one huge event will happen in the timeline before the book I already read. This is definitely an interesting series.

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