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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wolf Queen - Tanith Lee

In this final book of the Claidi Journals, Claidi finds her way back to the people of her one true love, Argul, but he is no longer with them. She sets out to find him, and finds her way to the Raven Tower, which everyone thought had been destroyed. It’s ruled by Twilight Star, who just may be Claidi’s mother. Will she find Argul, and will he still love her after all that has happened?

It’s my completist tendencies that got me through this book – little more. The story isn’t bad – it was good enough to get me through to the third book – but I’ve always felt that a little something was missing. And I’ve just never been that big a fan of Claidi as a heroine. I think part of my problem is the journal format – I’m less likely to like someone when I have to read their first person whining.

All that being said, I was definitely interested to see where the meeting with Claidi’s mother would go. And I was disappointed. I can’t entirely put my finger on it, but it just seems like a cop out. These books are definitely not going in my collection to be read again.

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