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Monday, June 20, 2011

Once Upon a Time V 3/21/11 - 6/20/11

Somehow, it's going to be summer tomorrow. I'm not sure how this managed to happen, but it has, so that means the Once Upon a Time V challenge is over.

This year, I did Challenge the First again, which is to read at least five books in any of the challenge categories: fantasy, fairy tale, folklore, and mythology. Assisted by an airplane flight in April, I did pretty good for myself this year. I read:
Most books were straight fantasy, but I worked in some good fairy tales (Firebird - Pure fairy tale, as well as the following, which had fairytale characters or tropes: Elf Magic, Swordspoint and The Bell at Sealey Head), folklore (The Third Magic - modern King Arthur), and even mythology (Orphans of Chaos draws its characters from Greek mythology).

All and all, it was a lovely cruise through my favorite genres, and I can't wait to do it again next year.


Kailana said...

The weather we have had lately, I know I find it strange it is summer... Congrats on all the great reading!

Megan said...

Yeah, this has definitely been one of the non-Springier Springs I can remember...