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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Knitting Notes

In a mood so proactive that I'm still not sure I actually did it, I've started my Christmas knitting. I've decided to do scarves for my sister and mother this year. So, I've cast on the Three Sisters Scarf #2 by Monika Steinbauer, using Quince & Co's Tern yarn in the Wampum colorway. (This is the sister scarf, though oddly enough, the name is complete a coincidence.) It's been a nice knit so far - the pattern is straightforward, and the yarn is lovely to work with.

In other news, the above is my ruched yoke tee. Washing just didn't do the trick. It was way too loose. So, I've frogged it, and will be reknitting with a smaller needle (like maybe the one the pattern called for). It was sad to pull it out, but I think this will be for the best.

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